Lethal Effects of Man’s Best Friend: Common Dog Bite Injuries in Houston

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are probably the friendliest animal towards humans, and sometimes they will go to outstanding length to prove their sincerity to the relationship. After thousands of years of association between the two species brought them so much closer that people who loves or owns dogs, consider them as a member of the family. But there is another side of the coin to be considered. These smart and naturally protective animals can certainly become deadly if the situation occurs. In Houston, a dog bite occurs every 75 seconds. These largely preventable public health issues make a very large number of people to seek very expensive medical care, every year. What are the most common Dog bite lawyer in Houston? It may include puncture wounds, lacerations, broken bones, tissue and ligament damage, disfigurement, not to mention the trauma involved with the incident. 

Common cause for dog bite

An animal attack can be result in physical and emotional scarring, which may stay with the victim for life, especially if it happens with children.  Dog bites should be taken very seriously. A common pet dog bite may happen for a variety of reasons. It could be that the animal was not contained properly within the owner’s property with chains or by other means. Or it could be the dog owner’s fault that he trained the animal to attack human beings. Or the dog might be instructed by the owner to attack someone. The majority of dog bites happen on a friend or a family member’s property, which can be very much unsettling to the victim. 

Effects of a dog bite

dog bite

Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year just in United States, and almost 25% of these victims require expensive medical care. Dog bite can cause severe injuries, which may lead to infection, which in turn can be deadly if it is not treated properly. Depending on the breed, size of teeth, and vicious nature of the dog, the most common dog bite injury in Houston may include broken bones, face and neck injuries, mobility problems, nerve damage, infections, puncture wounds, ripped skin, torn muscles or ligaments and scarring and disfigurement. Although, the children and elderly are more at risk because of their inability to escape the attack, people of all ages are can be subject to serious injuries if left unattended. Children often need cosmetic surgeries as part of their medical treatment caused by dog bites. Due to their nature of work, postal workers often became victim of such injuries. 



The common view is to make the dog owner hold responsibility for a case of dog attack. Mostly it is the irresponsible behaviour of a dog owner which leads to a violent dog attack. However, depending on the situational circumstances, the dog owner may not be the only one responsible for such a scenario. In some cases, the action of victim leads a dog to attack and bite. Landlords, property owners, and such entities may be liable for a dog attack because of their negligence of properly securing the dog to avoid unfavourable incidents. Houston follows a common law that dictates the victim of a dog attack may allow compensation if the dog has a previous history of biting or the owner of the dog is aware of such conduct of the dog, prior biting the victim. The victim may ask for legal assistance if the cause of the dog attack is the negligent behaviour of the dog owner. The owner may still be found responsible for his lack of proper care even if the dog has no prior history of biting. 


Dog treatment

Dog bite leads to billions in medical spending in United States in a year alone. The cost of an average dog bite claim has risen up to hundred percent in last decade because of the rising medical cost. The treatment for a dog bite depends on the nature of the injury. The most common dog bite injury involves puncture wounds and scarring. Medical professionals clean the wound and inject tetanus and rabies shots, depending on the dog’s vaccination history. Severe dog attack injuries may require setting broken bones, stitching the wound, applying cosmetic surgery, and in some cases, psychological therapies to get over the trauma caused by the incident. 

Human negligence and improper handling leads to the most cases of dog bites, but with sincere behaviour and proper handling of a dog it is possible to avoid such incidents.          

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