Ultimate Guide to Rent Limousine with Chauffeur in Dubai

Limousines are the ultimate fashion and class statement. Whether it is your special occasion or you just want to party with your friends, Limousines will double the fun for the day. Choosing a Limousine rental service can be hectic. Mostly Limousines are rented on engagement parties, weddings and other victorious celebrations. In any case, you want your Limo to be lush and on time. 

When it comes to Dubai, renting a luxury car is very common. You are on a vacation, and you don’t want to travel on public transportation, you want to visit a special place with your partner or you are on a business trip, rent a luxury car in Dubai and you are good to go. Likewise, Limos can be rented easily. All you need to know is what kind of limo you require, and does it fall into your budget. Here is a guide that can help you with choosing the service. 


Options on Limos

Limos are usually segregated based on the capacity of the people riding it and the brand you like. Some of the best options regardless of the size are;  Dodge Super Limo, Chrysler 300 Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo Infiniti XL Limo, Mercedes G63 Limo, Lincoln Town Limo and Dodge Challenger Pink Limo. All these Limos are exceptional and can increase the vibe of your party. 

If you want the Limo for a wedding, an engagement, or just to surprise your significant other a smaller limo would be perfect. They usually have a capacity of 8 to 10 people. Dodge Super Limo, Chrysler 300 Limo, and Lincoln Town Limo are the perfect option for such occasions. 

If you want to party with your friends, Cadillac Escalade Limo, Infiniti XL Limo and Mercedes G63 Limo have the capacity of 15 to 20 people. 

If you want to go on an extra length, Dodge Challenger Pink Limo can surprise you. Consider it for birthday surprises. The ultimate choice is yours, choose the one that suits your liking the most. 

You can always ask the limousine rental service for the best option for Limos. 

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Limousine with Chauffeur Price Ranges

Sometimes you might get torn between the option on the luxury car and a Limo. You might as yourself, why should I go for a Limo when I can rent a luxury car in Dubai easily? Your concern is genuine but one thing is for sure that if you want a perfect celebration, Limo is the right way to go. If the issue is pricing, this can be tackled easily because the best limousine rental services offer hourly Limousine rental. For example, it’s your anniversary, and you want to surprise your spouse, instead of a luxury car rent a Limousine for an hour and your budget will stay under AED 400 – AED 700. 

Renting a Limo for a whole day is also very affordable. The budget falls from AED 2500 to AED 5000. If you want to go an extra mile, Mercedes G63 Limo can be rented for AED 12000/- 

Choosing the Limousine Rental Service

Once you have decided on the car, it’s time to choose your rental service. Whether you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai or want to rent a limousine, Dubai has many options, but you have to be careful while availing of the service as many of these rentals can scam you too. First, ask your family and friends, if someone has any experience go for that and if not search online. Just keep some of the pointers that you should look for in your Limousine Rental Service. 

The rental should have a great website and many options on Limousines.

Their services and responding time should be quick, and their customer services department should be professional and helpful.  

The service should have active social media handles and excellent reviews on their posts and their Google business page. 

Limousines come with the chauffeur, make sure that your chauffeur is professional and have all the credentials of driving a Limousine. 


Booking a Limousine

You have done your research, now it’s time to contact the services and book your ride. When you get you Limo make sure that it is what you were promised. Also, get acquainted with the driver and keeping with the view of the ongoing situation, make sure the vehicle is sanitized and your driver is tested for the virus too. Although the professional rental services are proficient in meeting these standards, being careful at your end serves you the best. 

Enjoy Your Ride

You have acquired the Limo and now it’s time to party. Many time, people go reckless and start damaging the vehicle, it is good but spilling stuff and making a mess would destroy the fun time too. If you want to acquire your Limo for a longer time, consult your driver or your Limousine rental service for the extra changes. Tip the chauffeur at the time of completion of your trip and make a good memory out of the travel. 

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